Holiday Trivia Visual Category #1

For one point each, name these popular 90s toys. Add this info to your answer sheet which you will email in to cfyt after the game. Click here to reveal image!

CFYT Holiday Trivia!

Tune in to CFYT this Saturday to play in our annual holiday trivia night! Listen to CFYT at 106.9fm or stream us online at Get together with your bubble and play from the comfort of your own home, game starts at 8pm. Prizes include $100 gift card to Bonton Butcherie, $50 to Dancing Moose, …

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CFYT Radio Trivia!

This week’s Trivia is hosted by Bobby. Dare to enter his mind and see where your random knowledge abilities lie. Guaranteed fun for all! Tune in Saturday, June 13 at 8pm sharp! Play is by donation via our paypal link at the top of this page, or by e-transfer to Tune in to 106.9fm, …

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Tomorrow night get together with your bubble and tune in to CFYT Radio Trivia with this week’s hosts: Bennie and Aubyn! It promises to be a great time, and first, second and third place teams win prizes! So don’t miss it. Listen to 106.9 fm, stream online at or turn on cable channel 11. …


Album of the Week! Episode 5

This Thursday we’re listening to Perfume Genius’ fifth studio album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, released just last week. Tune in at 6pm on May 21st to give it a listen. Album Of The Week explores new music weekly the way albums are supposed to be heard: Song for song, top to bottom.

CFYT Radio Trivia with Sacha!

This Saturday, May 16, will be yet another great trivia night with Sacha promising to bring the heat for a challenging but fun good ol’ trivia time. Tune in at 8pm—via radio at 106.9fm, internet at or turn on cable channel 11—to join the game. Play is by donation either via Paypal (follow the …

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