Create Your Own Ad

Creating your own ad is easy. Below are some simple templates to help your creative process.

Download the templates here: RollingAdTemplates

When designing your ad, keep these guidelines in mind:

Font size – choose a large font size (28pt or larger) for your message and use larger font
sizes to make event dates/times stand out. Use an easy-to-read font type and a light
background and/or images (high contrasts can be very difficult to view on TV).

Content – Limit total number of lines per page so your message is east to read. Keep
message concise (ie. use point form instead of full sentences if possible). Maximum limit of 50 words per page (less is best). We reserve the right to edit messages for correct
spelling/grammar, line length and readability (as needed).

Contact Info – Include name/number so public can get more info.

File Format – Send images as .jpeg .bmp or .gif file formats (w=960/h=720/resolution=96dpi). You may also send the .ppt file after creating your ad, or export it as a JPEG from within you presentation software.

Your own ad can also be emailed to, along with your contact and billing information so we can get in touch with you.

Thank you for supporting Community Radio and Television Programming in Dawson!