Soundwaves: The CFYT Podcasting Podium

CFYT Podcasting Podium

CFYT is seeking a wide variety of spoken word projects, which can include creative writing, personal documentaries, and contemporary issues.  Ideally, they would deal with subjects of social relevance and/or interest to the community. We are not looking for music podcasts of the sort offered by many streaming services.

All participants would receive both group workshop training and one-to-one mentoring, as well as a $200 microgrant to help with production. The group workshops would deal with generic issues including:

1. Audio recording and editing
2. Research and Ethics
3. Storyboarding and story ideas

The one-to-one mentoring the specific needs of each participant.  Each story would have its own flow, production plan, and unique research and ethics considerations.  The editor’s role would be to help ensure the participant stays on track and can meet deadlines.

Some topic examples are:

  1. Life in West Dawson during Freeze Up
  2. UNESCO World Heritage Status and its impact
  3. Berton Writer’s alumni – where are they now?
  4. KIAC 25th Anniversary stories — KIAC now and KIAC 25 years from now.
  5. Tourist experiences

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