Trivia On Air – April 11, 2020 8 pm

How it works
– Listen along, and write down your answers, preferably on a word or excel document, including your team name.

– Questions will be posted by category on this Facebook event page.

– Once the event is over, your team will be given 15 minutes to send in their answers to CFYT via

– Answers will then be read out on air after we’ve reviewed the answers. Winners will then be announced on radio, and posted online.

– Participating teams are asked to send in a donation to the radio via the paypal donate button or e-transfer to (we recommend $20 – but it’s up to you)

Check out the Facebook event for more details and hints at categories we’re working on.

Prizes will include amazing Thaw di Gras Ribbons, Dawson City Toques and mystery bags.

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